The collection

ADL studio 2020 is an audacious
encounter of opposites,
united by a singular force of attraction
Between anchoring and lightness. The
Collection plays with the outside and the
Inside, juxtaposes the past and the future,
Juxtaposes the raw and the refined, and creates a
Dialogue between air and matter …

Imagined by designer Ulysse A., his creations
Transcend a craft heritage. The centuries-old oak beams are highlighted by a meticulous and daring use of a smoothing resin and an iconoclastic association with other unexpected textures: the modernity of raw concrete, the beauty of the marbling and the brightness of timeless brass. Defying the codes, the materials elegantly mix where we do not expect them, surmounted by a glass tray that lets us glimpse this unique/innovative combination.

The edition

Curated by ADL Studio, each ADL Studio work is a unique piece created on request.

ADL Studio invites you to dream your furniture, to own the creation of Ulysses A. By creating your own variation. Dimensions, materials, colors and finishes, everything can be adapted to your interior and your inspiration.

The designer

Energetic and unconventionnal, Ulysse A. loves to experiment. With a hint of insolence, he shakes up the established order to open a door on the unknown and to create something which does not exist.

A Specialist in antique woodwork and Exceptional contemporary interior design, Ulysse A. Knows how to combine its know-how and its artistic intuitions. Coming from a family of artists and art lovers, with an antique dealer father and a decorator mother, he spent His childhood (hunting for) art objects in the best flea markets in France. Passionate about beautiful old houses, he likes to add a new page to their history, shaped by his eyes and his hands. Creating links between styles and eras is his daily life… Today, with LADL by Ulysse, he brings life to his dream creations and offers to share them with anyone who appreciates his expressive vision of design and décor.