Origin collection

Imagined by the designer Ulysse A, his creations transcend an artisanal heritage. The centuries-old oak beams are highlighted by a meticulous and impertinent work of smoothing in resin and an iconoclastic association with other unexpected textures: the modernity of raw concrete, the beauty of marbling and the brilliance of timeless brass.
Defying codes, the materials come together elegantly where you least expect them, surmounted by a glass top that gives us a glimpse of this unprecedented combination.



Noble wood species


The creations of Ulysses A. Are settings which transcend a noble and historical material: centuries-old oak pieces.
Preserved in perfect condition since the eighteenth century, they have crossed time to integrate today in avant-garde, contemporary creations.

To transcend this precious oak, all its original roughness and cracks are filled with epoxy resin, then hand polished and finally enhanced with an exceptional varnish.
Thus, each piece of wood is absolutely unique and offers exclusivity in the creations of ADL Studio.


Les Ateliers du Lys

The wood shaping is done by Les Ateliers du Lys, a master craftsman’s workshop, which specializes in historical creations and reconstructions of art woodwork. Acting internationally, Les Ateliers du Lys offer rare and tailor-made services with the aim to perpetuate and renew a craft of French excellence.

Exceptional marbles

A prestigious material, marble brings a touch of sober and luminous elegance to the ADL Studio collection. Used as a solid base and made visible by a glass top, the marble moves away from its usual function and takes on disconcerting shapes thanks to demanding and meticulous shaping work.

Two top-of-the-range marbles, originating in the Apuan Alps (Tuscany - Italy) and used since Antiquity for the most remarkable constructions and works, make up the creations: bardiglio marble, a pale marble with azure veins, and the famous marble from Carrara, predominantly white and slightly veined with gray or black. These marbles, among the purest in the world, are a veritable mineral divinity celebrated by Ancient Rome.

Raw concrete

Industrial and solid in its structure and flexible in its sculpture, raw concrete asserts Its place with creative freedom between its two illustrious elders in the history of design.

Like a mischief maker from the future, It creates with wood and marble a daring mix of times and Textures. But it could also be the necessary component of a perfect balance? In any case, the raw concrete is the best support to express its mood. Natural or bi-coloured, it brings the touch of originality that will resonate with your universe.


glass tray

In the ADL studio collection, art is also present under the table.

And to showcase It to all the guests, the tray is transparent, like a window opening on a new horizon. In order to adapt to all spaces, the trays of all our models are made to the dimensions of your choice.


Used for the bases and threaded rods of Ulysse A's creations, polished solid brass brings warmth and light. A little retro touch with golden reflections that softens its majestic compositions.